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You do not have to enter the necessary information upon every order. You can join our brand events and various discount events that are exclusive for All:ba members.
Placing an Order
Placing an Order
-Step 1: Search a product
-Step 2: Add to cart
-Step 3: Place an order as either a member or non-member 
-Step 4: Fill out the order form
-Step 5: Select payment method and make payment
-Step 6: Order successful (order number)

For non-member orders, please note the order number and approval number (when making a payment with credit card) in step 6. All information is automatically saved when you have ordered as a member.
Complaint and dispute resolution
-For inquiries about exchange/return/payment refund and complaint handling requests, please contact via KakaoTalk available on the website.
-Customer center business hours: Mon–Fri, 10 AM–5 PM, Lunch break: 12:20 PM–1:20 PM, Closed on holidays/weekends
-Matters concerning quality assurance and damage compensation for the product comply with relevant laws and the ‘Consumer Dispute Resolution Standards’ announced by the Fair Trade Commission.
In the case of large payments, your credit card company may give you a confirmation call for verification. If it is determined that the order involves an illegal matter, such as the use of a stolen card or placing an order under someone else's name, the order may be arbitrarily suspended or canceled.

When making a wire transfer, you can wire the product amount directly via online/internet banking, telebanking, or at a nearby bank.
The name of the depositor entered at the time of placing an order must match the name of the actual depositor, and the wire transfer must be made within 7 days.
  • Shipping method : Parcel Service
  • Shipping available : in all regions
  • Shipping cost : Overseas Shipping: Shipment fee will be charged differently depending on the ordered items’ weight.
  • Shipping days : 2 - 5 days
  • Shipping information :
    Additional fee may be incurred when shipping to mountainous or island regions.

Address for exchange or return
-26-14 Geumo-ro 477beon-gil, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, 14926, Republic of Korea 

<When exchange/return is possible>
-Request for exchange/return due to simple change of mind or purchase by mistake can be made within 7 days from the date of arrival of the product.
-- However, in case of an exchange/return due to differences in the contents of the supplied goods and services from the displayed or advertised contents, you can request for an exchange/return within 3 months from the date of supply or within 30 days from the date of knowing the fact. (Shipping fee to be borne by the company.)
-Requests for exchanges/returns are available via KakaoTalk available on the website or Q&A
-CJ Logistics will visit your place to collect the product within 2–3 days after making a request. 
-Return address: All:ba Logistics Team, 26-14 Geumo-ro 477beon-gil, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, 14926, Republic of Korea
-Any gift/freebie provided at the time of purchase must be sent together with the purchased product upon exchange/return.
In case of a return, the refund will be processed within 3 business days from the date confirming that the product has been collected and the order has been canceled.

<When exchange/return is impossible>
-In case the product is lost or damaged and the customer is held responsible, except when the packaging was damaged by the customer to check the contents of the product.
-In case the product value is lost due to opened or damaged packaging.
-In case the product value has significantly decreased due to the customer's use or partial consumption. However, in the case of cosmetics, it is limited to the case where a trial product has been provided.
-In case the product value has significantly decreased to such an extent that resale is not possible due to the passage of time.
-In case the product packaging that can be reproduced has been damaged. 
(For more information, please contact the Customer Center via email.)
※ When requesting for an exchange or return due to a simple change of mind, the customer must bear the cost of the return shipping fee.
When a refund request has been made, the payment will be refunded within 3 business days after confirming the return of the product. For payments made with a credit card, the payment will be canceled from the company.
(However, if the payment is made on the credit card due date, your credit card company will make the refund the next month.)

Period of use
Points generated from orders are converted into actual money that can be used after 20 days have passed from date the delivery was confirmed. The points will not be available for use during this period, because there may be orders that do not proceed to sales, such as a return or cancellation.
You can use the available points (total points - used points - unusable points) immediately upon purchasing a product.

Terms of use
When using the points, the minimum purchasable points (the required amount) is 1,000. There is no limit when using the maximum purchasable points (the maximum amount per use).

Terms of expiry
When canceling or refunding an order, the points you have earned from the order will be retrieved. Withdrawing your membership will automatically expire your points. All points will expire if you have not earned any additional points for 3 years from the date the points were generated.